Week #14: Your final thoughts

12 Dec



Well we are at the end of our first semesters and our Social Media class has come to an end. At the beginning of the semester I knew that Social Media was a big part of business but with the fourteen weeks of class there is a bigger picture to Social Media.social-media-marketing-and-pr-20151


As a small business owner I know there are so many tools in which you can choose from to promote your business. It all comes down to what suits you and your business the best.   This class taught me to evaluate each Social Media tool and pick the one that would suit my business the best.


Our last weeks of class we did an report on a company and the way they are using social media and other forms of emerging technology, my group researched TELUS and I stumbled upon TELUS`S TALKS BUSINESS on Facebook and what an tremendous page for small business and entrepreneur, TELUS wants to help connect you with technology experts and get access to useful content that will help you and your business with its growth. Never the less this assignment taught me to analyze each tool before jumping into using it for my own company at the moment I am only using my own website for advertising but now I have all the knowledge of what is out there for me to choose from, with that I thank SOMS1033_1128 Social Media and Emerging Technology and the teachings of one Miss Sara Hamil.


Over all, my mind has not changed from the beginning of the semester about the need for social media tools and businesses, these tools are a great way for free advertising and promoting your business.


Week #11: Measuring success

22 Nov

Measuring ones success on the World Wide Web is pretty incredible now a days we have come so far with technology these days, so anything is possible. I really like the fact as a business owner that I can track who and how many times my site have been looked at. There are so many tools out there that we can use to do this, from the free site which I like because as a small business I like every savings that I can find to the ones that you pay for which could be better than the free ones and then again they could be just the same.  So for class this week we are to research three different social media measurement tools or services.


If you are a business and you use Twitter there is a simple and FREE way to find out your global popularity, Twitter Grade. The first good thing about this tool is that it is FREE. Twitter Grade will tally up your followers and followings and rank your Twitter page against other pages, so it is your ranking out of all twitter users, and then it will grade you out of 100 just like it was school. If your business does not use Twitter this is pretty much a useless tool for you.


Everyone knows Google and I think sometime people just open Google to use as a dictionary.  There is a site called Google Page Ranker or PR Checker Page rank. His is so simple you copy and paste you URL address in the box and click. Very fast easy procedure and boom there are your results. It will give you ranking out of ten and also will allow you the opportunity to add a ranking button so that you can watch your ranking grow or not.  The good thing about all this it is FREE”


You can also use a site that is called Key Word Rank Checker so it is basically the same as the Google site but it checks for key words. You copy and paste your URL address in the box and click away it will show you how many times that those words are searched on Google and Yahoo. Also total FREE.


As you can see the site that I like are the ones that do not cost a thing, free is better, but not as accurate as if it would be if you were to hire someone to do this research for you. I think these free sites are great for small business and that bigger corporations would hire someone to do the research for them. if you would like to read more this is a fun read from the The Globe and Mail, Ten tools to use for social media measurement

Week #10 – Developing a winning social media strategy

16 Nov

So this week we are making a social Media plan for a  fictional business called Extreme Promotional Materials  a company that supplies personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses and so much more from pens to hats and mugs all kinds of fun stuff. 

Social media could really boost sales for Extreme Promotional Materials, Everyone has a computer and everyone likes the convenience of shopping from home, where better to starts then Facebook there are over a billion users.

Our mission is to get people to know what Extreme Promotional Materials can provide for them, from local kid’s baseball team to personalized uniforms for companies, mugs to calendars to anything we can put you name on.

We want you to brand your company with us! Making all you advertising needs at your fingertips.

We want to reach potential customers such as companies and small businesses to provide all there advertising needs but we don`t want to forget any local schools and teams from a house leagues team to a bar team.

We will start a Facebook company page, posting photos of products for purchase and past work done for teams and company uniforms, allowing viewers to comment. Also I would like to start an online shopping site for the company where the costumer can build their own merchandise right on the computer Everyone has a computer and everyone like the convenience of shopping from home.  We would add the link to Facebook so viewers could get to the site straight from Facebook.  We will also post poll for viewers to vote on products. We will update our page every day for viewers also posting daily promotions and sales, Also putting out a weekly newsletter for customers to keep up on new products.  I think with keeping up with daily posts and updates we can boost sales and reach people all around the world.



Week #9 – Brand YOU

9 Nov

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and oh so much more these days!!! Digital footprint, what is it? It’s you! On the internet, all those pictures friends and family members post of you on their social media sites, and not forgetting the ones you post of yourself. So is a picture worth a thousand words or more these days? Sometimes we all don’t use common sense.

Applying for a job, well that employer is punching your name into their computer and checking out who you really are and what you acted like. What can we do as a person to control what is seen on the internet about ourselves.  Well have you ever Googled yourself just to see what come up?  Well I bet there is more then you with that name cause I know there is more than one of me out there and who knows how that person acts and what is posted about them, so when that employer punches in your name hopefully there is not someone out there with your name posting sexual pictures of themselves or drunken shame pictures!

I know since I have been taking this class I often Google myself, just to see what comes, because you never know and so far all good, if I type my full name in I come up with the Ministry of the Environment, because of my company and it is showing I am fully licensed with an ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE APPROVAL, then there is a lot of Angela Capone in the United States but nothing to upsetting, and my Linked Account comes up, so all good in that department but I will keep Googling myself to see what comes up. Don`t forget to use the images search on Google, all good there, only one picture comes up of me and it was an article in the local paper about the Picton Library. I think my digital footprint is good and I will keep on using common sense when online to promote myself in a positive way for future employers or business partners. Most important I will think before I posted and ask myself how this can affect me in the future. From a young age, not saying I am old, I learned Common Sense should be used when there is a camera around and these days everyone has a cell phone so there is a camera always there, “BIG BROTHER  IS WATCHING!“ If every caught in a…. let’s say UNFALTERING  PICTURE, you can always ask that person who took it, not to post it on any  site because your applying for jobs and you don’t want anyone to really see that, most times I am sure that friends or family members are understanding about stuff like that. To all Facebook users out there remember there are setting so only what you what people to see they will see, and that goes for all social media site, remember USE THE SETTINGS! We all need to use are common sense when online, we can build our footprint threw good use of the internet.  Start a blog, just like this one, something your passionate about, or are just interest in, showing your creative side and your communicative skills, by doing this you are promoting yourselves and your work for potential employers.

So with all that I just want to leave you with a thought, “think before you post”, promote yourself with a positive image because your digital footprint will follow you wherever you go, there is no hiding!


Week #8 Staying on top of trends

31 Oct

So the 1st article I choose for this was BECOMING A SOCIAL BUSINESS ISN’T JUST FOR SOCIAL MEDIA written by ILANA RABINOWITZ  http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-marketing/6-social-media-principles-that-can-change-your-corporate-culture/

It talks about how Facebook has made most of us become more open with our lives to just about anyone with access to the internet.  Ilana went to hear Michael Zeisser, CEO of Liberty Media, speak on how he thinks a business is worth investing in, as I watch the video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bXmDaykZobc)It kind of blew my mind away how this man makes he’s decision on what companies he should invest in, and it was quiet touching, this man is inspiring to listen to. He speaks about a couple, Tony and Mary Miller who own a janitorial company in Cincinnati Ohio. They where doing well, but lack of people to work. They were coming out short about 30 people a day so they thought to themselves that it was transportation some people just could get there to work, so they bought a shuttle bus. The first day they went out to pick up their employees and saw the some of the neighborhoods their employees lived in  and the loss of hope in these communities.  This couple saw that these people had lost their dreams, and so they made a management team that is call the Dream Management and their job is to find each employee every day and make that worker identify their dream and no matter how big or small the dream is to go after it, like returning to school! No one  wants to grow up to be a janitor but this company has become known as where you go to make your dreams come true. This company has grown so much since they started this and now have 300 employees and  hey do about 12 million dollars in business year, they also had a 46% increase in productivity,  This dream management program have been use and copied but other companies around the world.So it’s not all about internet and getting your business out there and using social media, we are still all people and need to remember to behaves like a community.

The 2nd article is Hurricane Sandy Propels YouTube, Red Cross, And Flashlight Apps To Top Spots In App Store, by JORDAN CROOK http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/30/hurricane-sandy-propels-youtube-red-cross-and-flashlight-apps-to-top-spots-in-app-store/

So this article is about the 3 tops apps at the Apple store this week and only due to Hurricane Sandy these 3 apps up there. So first one is that, YouTube hooked up with The Weather Channel to stream live coverage of the storm 24 hours a day, second Hurricane app by the Red Cross helps you stay up to date with developments in your specific area, also providing a way to keep connect with friends and family, and the best one I think is the Flashlight app , using the screen of your phone using  and LED flash, I think that one is pretty cool because I know I use the  screen of my phone to guide me in the dark many times, but once Hurricane Sandy passes and is no longer, gaming and other  social media apps will regain the top spots in the rankings for new apps.

So my last article is Incredible Viral Soldier Pic Debunked by Military by, Sam Laird http://mashable.com/2012/10/29/viral-soldier-pic-debunked/#98465Flooding-in-New-Jersey

I choose this article because of the incredible photo of three infantrymen in full-dress uniforms standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, in the pouring rain. October 29, 2012 this picture went viral on the twitter community, but in all reality the picture was taken in September of this year. The Old Guard (is a regiment and their mission is to oversee memorial affairs to honor fallen soldiers and to conduct ceremonies and special events to represent the U.S. Army) quickly replied to these twits correcting the post of the picture, The photographer that took this picture in September is Karin Markert, also took to the social media community to correct the postings and also to say “What’s most important, and please remember this, is that no matter how the photo ended up on everyone’s computer, I am just so very proud of these soldiers and the mission that they fulfill every day,” she wrote.

So these three articles show how sometimes grief, loss of hope or a natural disaster can increase business sales and  popularity  among companies and to me that’s pretty sad if we as people gain on other peoples sufferings, but then again that flashlight app could save someone one day!

Week #7 Exploring what else is out there

18 Oct

So this week we are exploring other media tool out there, such as QR Codes, Wikis and podcasting, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Instagram.  I haven’t really used any of these tools till this week and on the most part to me it’s just another gimmick.

I kind of like Pinterest a lot, photos are always nice to look at right. You can see pretty much anything on this site from food to bathtubs. Pinterest lets you follow what you’re interested in, if you like Architecture you can see marvellous building on this site, and  can give someone great ideas for their own home, and this is an absolutely wonderful site I think Pictures always makes you happy. For a business to use Pinterest, well in my opinion I think it would depend on the kind of business it is. Home Décor, designers, home builders, Tattoo artists and photographer’s stuff like that. For a big company to be on Pinterest is that really worth it, or a bank company, who wants to see pictures of a bank hahahaha!!!! So I am saying, it really depends on the type of business that can really use this site in a positive manner to improve their business. I recommend   to follow anything Architecture, you`ll see amazing things.

The other media tool I think is impressive is the QR code; it gives a sort of mystery to it. I know when anyone sees a QR code they are thinking what am I going to see when I scan it, and most of us would take out our smart phone and scan it. So what are QR CODES? QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information so when you scan or read a QR code with your Smartphone, you can link to digital content on the web; activate a number of phone functions including email, IM and SMS; and connect the mobile device to a web browser. QR Codes could link you to:

  •       Installation instructions
  •       Sources for replacement parts and service
  •       Directions to your business
  •       The process for hiring your professional services
  •       Valuable coupons and special offers
  •       Recommendations for complementary products and services
  •       Free mp3 downloads
  •       Customer feedback forms

Airlines are taking advantage of QR codes, some airlines send you a QR code when you purchase your ticket and when you arrive to board the plane you pull your smart phone out and show your QR code they scan it and away your go that was your boarding pass no use for paper. I like the QR code tool because we all want to know what we are going to see when we scan it, and we will scan it, curiosity killed the cat!

Online Video Week#6

12 Oct


This is week 6 and we are going viral of a sort! I am to promote a fictional business describing how I would use online video. There are so many videos on promoting business now on the internet you could pretty much do anything but really what’s good for business? Well my personal opinion is that people will spend their money with the person that is just like them.

This is mid-sized business named“ Pet Pawsitive“ that focused on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation and service classes. Each location also contains a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies.


So I would like to do a series of videos, Frist one would be to introduce the owners to the viewer’s  Something like a company profile video will  serve as a great introduction ,an  overview about the business and the history. Showing the viewer your passion for the pets and the service’s you provide. Following with a video tour of the facilities, so the viewer will see what your business looks like, before coming there, after this first video, will follow a series of weekly videos on the following service’s the business provide, somewhat like classes:

  • Providing behavioral and psychological training
  • Basic animal education
  • Obedience


The business can also put in the above videos some client testimonials and case studies, proving the abilities of your services.Blogging is an extremely valuable tool for businesses  these days and if the business already has a Blog page, you will be able to embed these educational videos in your blog, and if the business does not have a page, I would suggest starting one right away. This business is also very involved with the local and national shelters and humane societies to connect would-be owners, so it would be a good idea for a video showing some of the animals that are for adoption and introduce the animals in a personal way. Also the business sell all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies, I would recommend an order online service and which the business sell their products,  producing  more revenue and  the business can link videos  to this page creating more viewers.

There for this is how I would video promote Pet Pawsitive, with the series of educational video on Providing behavioral and psychological training, basic animal education, obedience  will keep the viewer watching for new techniques  for their furry family members.