Facebook week#5

5 Oct

This is week #5 and we are talking about Facebook and the way companies use their account.Facebook is an extremely valuable business tool! After all there are 1 billion registered users!Businesses today ask people to like and follow them on Facebook, but how well do companies or Brands use Facebook.

Everyone knows I love BOOTS, but I still love my Adidas running shoes. I follow Adidas on Facebook  no matter what I check there page all the time cause there’s some cool stuff on there. I love seeing  all the new running shoes and all the contests and give-aways that they have.  Adidas use’s the Facebook account in a great way they get there followers very involved with there posts on the page and  they are using the long posts that run across the page  for some ads that really makes Facebook users check it out.

Adidas,came together with MTV, ran a Facebook  contest where someone wins an all-expenses-paid house party, hey who wouldn’t want that.  They promoted the contest on their Facebook page  before and after the campaign. Once they had chosen the lucky winner, they used their Facebook page to share the winners pictures and videos from the party. This gave Adidas  a- whole lot  more likes and followers on their  page. . To date Adidas has 16,156,747 likes, I’d say that’s a lot of likes, wouldn’t you? They  use they account to interact with their follower  and get  them involved with their page like there Insatagram  Feed  where the follower can post there picture from around the world  showing off there Adidas attire. Adidas uses their Facebook page to promote  other social media and advertising campaigns, like “GET ON THE BUS” . I really enjoy Adidas’s Facebook page they  positively use Facebook to their advantage in gaining followers and followers are customers!


Week #4 – All a Twitter

30 Sep

This is week four of Social Media and SMET!, and so far it’s not that bad. This week we talked about Twitter and how companies are using their account. Well I really don’t find all the hoopla about twitter; it’s just another phase I guess. I like the way my teacher explained it she told us when she was in school not that long ago her teacher said it was “Facebook on Crack” I totally believe that. But anyways, I choose GM CANADA to analyzes the way they are using there twitter account.

I went back six months ready there twits, and so far they missed the first three days of April but on the fourth is was about a contest “Winsdays”  Answer the trivia  and win a Autographed photos of 2011 Rogers Cup Champions, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams.   That was OK but then there are no twits till the eighteenth of that month, and with more trivia. They do an alright job with twitter account  but there just too many gaps with in day of using their account. They do have some good twits with info and services for the public. I like the one about your car seat, teaching parents how to install their seats correctly and when the car seat would expiry . They also do a pretty good job at promoting new cars coming out but that is there job.

There is not one month that they twit every single day of the month, In my opinion GM is such a big company that there is no reasons to have those many gaps in their day to day use of their twitter account. On the other hand I can also say that they do make it up with their trivia give a- ways, everyone likes free stuff.

THE BUZZ with fresh news

21 Sep

So this is week 3 of my Social Media Class and so far so good. So I am to find a Business blog and analyze how that business is using their blog. Well on my search I go through the wonderful world of Google for my quest for a business blog. Well of course you always have your 10 best, so I start to scroll and stubble upon a farm blog called“THE BUZZ” with fresh news, Musings and Insights from Stonyfield Farm,their  goal is to help family farms survive and to help protect the environment.The only reason why I clicked on it is that, I have a neighbour with two beautiful girls that only come out in the summer season, and they raise and show cattle.

I start reading and I can’t stop. Samuel and his wife Louise people are amazing, the husband was a Trained as a chemist and engineer, and he owned a contamination-control company in New Jersey sold it in the mid-sixties and move to a fifty-acre farm in Cornish, New Hampshire. They became self – sufficient maintaining cows and other farm animals. They learned to change the raw milk from a cow named “Laura belle” into yogurt atop of their wood-stove. Samuel is a diabetic, kept experimenting to create the perfect yogurt: wholesome, mild, and creamy, requiring no added sugar. Then in the late seventies they moved once more to Stonyfield Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire and it began from there into their venture for a greener tomorrow.

In 1979 they founded The Rural Education Center (TREC) was a non-profit devoted to teaching rural and homesteading skills. With every non-profit organization you need to find resource to keep things running and that’s when Stonyfield Organic comes in, they have had some hard time from the begin of their start nothing was easy but they keep a lot of farms in business these day with buying fresh organic milk, they are  supporting  family farms.

This Blog is great in my opinion, Stonyfield has received numerous awards, including the Clean Air Excellence and Green Power Leadership from the Environmental Protection Agency; Business Week’s “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur” award in 2009; Consumer Reports’ “Best Companies to Buy From”; and, in 2008, Working Mother magazine’s “Best Green Companies For America’s Children.” For its efforts on behalf of the community and the environment. The blog has a lot of video to watch, it lets you meet and hear from the farmers and their families, and they are promoting a healthier environment for our future children and educating the public at the same time. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and you can also subscribe to the Buzz. They also have a farmer blog that you can follow in his daily routine. They have all sorts of links to their gift shop, store finder, and Yo-Tube.  You can also follow their charity work and community events all up to date. I really liked the “FARM CAM” you can watch some of the family farmers up close and personal, and if that is not good enough you can you can HAVE A COW and see it from the eyes of a cow! In my opinion they are putting blogging to good use.


Here’s your Week #2 Social Media Class

13 Sep

I am a first year student in the Business Administration & Human Resources at Loyalist College in Belleville; I am also a mature student that has return to school after 15 year. The beginning of this year I invested my money into Septic Company in beautiful Prince Edward County, and now I have the opportunity to go back to school to better my education and to build a little company into a great company. I am starting off with one truck and hope to build too many more trucks.
I am looking forward to this class; Social Media is a BIG part of our world today, and without it, we could not connect with people around the world, or if you just want to know about something or someone. The answer would be” GOOGLE IT” and it goes so much further than that now. Businesses connect around the world, via email, video calling, and sharing documents. Free word of speak anyone can have a blog, as you can see, even me! I think I know pretty much what is social media, but I would really like to learn the tools that can help me connect with costumers and other business owners,  and to build my future.