Week #9 – Brand YOU

9 Nov

A picture is worth a 1000 words, and oh so much more these days!!! Digital footprint, what is it? It’s you! On the internet, all those pictures friends and family members post of you on their social media sites, and not forgetting the ones you post of yourself. So is a picture worth a thousand words or more these days? Sometimes we all don’t use common sense.

Applying for a job, well that employer is punching your name into their computer and checking out who you really are and what you acted like. What can we do as a person to control what is seen on the internet about ourselves.  Well have you ever Googled yourself just to see what come up?  Well I bet there is more then you with that name cause I know there is more than one of me out there and who knows how that person acts and what is posted about them, so when that employer punches in your name hopefully there is not someone out there with your name posting sexual pictures of themselves or drunken shame pictures!

I know since I have been taking this class I often Google myself, just to see what comes, because you never know and so far all good, if I type my full name in I come up with the Ministry of the Environment, because of my company and it is showing I am fully licensed with an ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE APPROVAL, then there is a lot of Angela Capone in the United States but nothing to upsetting, and my Linked Account comes up, so all good in that department but I will keep Googling myself to see what comes up. Don`t forget to use the images search on Google, all good there, only one picture comes up of me and it was an article in the local paper about the Picton Library. I think my digital footprint is good and I will keep on using common sense when online to promote myself in a positive way for future employers or business partners. Most important I will think before I posted and ask myself how this can affect me in the future. From a young age, not saying I am old, I learned Common Sense should be used when there is a camera around and these days everyone has a cell phone so there is a camera always there, “BIG BROTHER  IS WATCHING!“ If every caught in a…. let’s say UNFALTERING  PICTURE, you can always ask that person who took it, not to post it on any  site because your applying for jobs and you don’t want anyone to really see that, most times I am sure that friends or family members are understanding about stuff like that. To all Facebook users out there remember there are setting so only what you what people to see they will see, and that goes for all social media site, remember USE THE SETTINGS! We all need to use are common sense when online, we can build our footprint threw good use of the internet.  Start a blog, just like this one, something your passionate about, or are just interest in, showing your creative side and your communicative skills, by doing this you are promoting yourselves and your work for potential employers.

So with all that I just want to leave you with a thought, “think before you post”, promote yourself with a positive image because your digital footprint will follow you wherever you go, there is no hiding!



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