Facebook week#5

5 Oct

This is week #5 and we are talking about Facebook and the way companies use their account.Facebook is an extremely valuable business tool! After all there are 1 billion registered users!Businesses today ask people to like and follow them on Facebook, but how well do companies or Brands use Facebook.

Everyone knows I love BOOTS, but I still love my Adidas running shoes. I follow Adidas on Facebook  no matter what I check there page all the time cause there’s some cool stuff on there. I love seeing  all the new running shoes and all the contests and give-aways that they have.  Adidas use’s the Facebook account in a great way they get there followers very involved with there posts on the page and  they are using the long posts that run across the page  for some ads that really makes Facebook users check it out.

Adidas,came together with MTV, ran a Facebook  contest where someone wins an all-expenses-paid house party, hey who wouldn’t want that.  They promoted the contest on their Facebook page  before and after the campaign. Once they had chosen the lucky winner, they used their Facebook page to share the winners pictures and videos from the party. This gave Adidas  a- whole lot  more likes and followers on their  page. . To date Adidas has 16,156,747 likes, I’d say that’s a lot of likes, wouldn’t you? They  use they account to interact with their follower  and get  them involved with their page like there Insatagram  Feed  where the follower can post there picture from around the world  showing off there Adidas attire. Adidas uses their Facebook page to promote  other social media and advertising campaigns, like “GET ON THE BUS” . I really enjoy Adidas’s Facebook page they  positively use Facebook to their advantage in gaining followers and followers are customers!


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