Week #11: Measuring success

22 Nov

Measuring ones success on the World Wide Web is pretty incredible now a days we have come so far with technology these days, so anything is possible. I really like the fact as a business owner that I can track who and how many times my site have been looked at. There are so many tools out there that we can use to do this, from the free site which I like because as a small business I like every savings that I can find to the ones that you pay for which could be better than the free ones and then again they could be just the same.  So for class this week we are to research three different social media measurement tools or services.


If you are a business and you use Twitter there is a simple and FREE way to find out your global popularity, Twitter Grade. The first good thing about this tool is that it is FREE. Twitter Grade will tally up your followers and followings and rank your Twitter page against other pages, so it is your ranking out of all twitter users, and then it will grade you out of 100 just like it was school. If your business does not use Twitter this is pretty much a useless tool for you.


Everyone knows Google and I think sometime people just open Google to use as a dictionary.  There is a site called Google Page Ranker or PR Checker Page rank. His is so simple you copy and paste you URL address in the box and click. Very fast easy procedure and boom there are your results. It will give you ranking out of ten and also will allow you the opportunity to add a ranking button so that you can watch your ranking grow or not.  The good thing about all this it is FREE”


You can also use a site that is called Key Word Rank Checker so it is basically the same as the Google site but it checks for key words. You copy and paste your URL address in the box and click away it will show you how many times that those words are searched on Google and Yahoo. Also total FREE.


As you can see the site that I like are the ones that do not cost a thing, free is better, but not as accurate as if it would be if you were to hire someone to do this research for you. I think these free sites are great for small business and that bigger corporations would hire someone to do the research for them. if you would like to read more this is a fun read from the The Globe and Mail, Ten tools to use for social media measurement


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