Week #14: Your final thoughts

12 Dec



Well we are at the end of our first semesters and our Social Media class has come to an end. At the beginning of the semester I knew that Social Media was a big part of business but with the fourteen weeks of class there is a bigger picture to Social Media.social-media-marketing-and-pr-20151


As a small business owner I know there are so many tools in which you can choose from to promote your business. It all comes down to what suits you and your business the best.   This class taught me to evaluate each Social Media tool and pick the one that would suit my business the best.


Our last weeks of class we did an report on a company and the way they are using social media and other forms of emerging technology, my group researched TELUS and I stumbled upon TELUS`S TALKS BUSINESS on Facebook and what an tremendous page for small business and entrepreneur, TELUS wants to help connect you with technology experts and get access to useful content that will help you and your business with its growth. Never the less this assignment taught me to analyze each tool before jumping into using it for my own company at the moment I am only using my own website for advertising but now I have all the knowledge of what is out there for me to choose from, with that I thank SOMS1033_1128 Social Media and Emerging Technology and the teachings of one Miss Sara Hamil.


Over all, my mind has not changed from the beginning of the semester about the need for social media tools and businesses, these tools are a great way for free advertising and promoting your business.


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