Online Video Week#6

12 Oct


This is week 6 and we are going viral of a sort! I am to promote a fictional business describing how I would use online video. There are so many videos on promoting business now on the internet you could pretty much do anything but really what’s good for business? Well my personal opinion is that people will spend their money with the person that is just like them.

This is mid-sized business named“ Pet Pawsitive“ that focused on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation and service classes. Each location also contains a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies.


So I would like to do a series of videos, Frist one would be to introduce the owners to the viewer’s  Something like a company profile video will  serve as a great introduction ,an  overview about the business and the history. Showing the viewer your passion for the pets and the service’s you provide. Following with a video tour of the facilities, so the viewer will see what your business looks like, before coming there, after this first video, will follow a series of weekly videos on the following service’s the business provide, somewhat like classes:

  • Providing behavioral and psychological training
  • Basic animal education
  • Obedience


The business can also put in the above videos some client testimonials and case studies, proving the abilities of your services.Blogging is an extremely valuable tool for businesses  these days and if the business already has a Blog page, you will be able to embed these educational videos in your blog, and if the business does not have a page, I would suggest starting one right away. This business is also very involved with the local and national shelters and humane societies to connect would-be owners, so it would be a good idea for a video showing some of the animals that are for adoption and introduce the animals in a personal way. Also the business sell all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies, I would recommend an order online service and which the business sell their products,  producing  more revenue and  the business can link videos  to this page creating more viewers.

There for this is how I would video promote Pet Pawsitive, with the series of educational video on Providing behavioral and psychological training, basic animal education, obedience  will keep the viewer watching for new techniques  for their furry family members.




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