Week #10 – Developing a winning social media strategy

16 Nov

So this week we are making a social Media plan for a  fictional business called Extreme Promotional Materials  a company that supplies personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses and so much more from pens to hats and mugs all kinds of fun stuff. 

Social media could really boost sales for Extreme Promotional Materials, Everyone has a computer and everyone likes the convenience of shopping from home, where better to starts then Facebook there are over a billion users.

Our mission is to get people to know what Extreme Promotional Materials can provide for them, from local kid’s baseball team to personalized uniforms for companies, mugs to calendars to anything we can put you name on.

We want you to brand your company with us! Making all you advertising needs at your fingertips.

We want to reach potential customers such as companies and small businesses to provide all there advertising needs but we don`t want to forget any local schools and teams from a house leagues team to a bar team.

We will start a Facebook company page, posting photos of products for purchase and past work done for teams and company uniforms, allowing viewers to comment. Also I would like to start an online shopping site for the company where the costumer can build their own merchandise right on the computer Everyone has a computer and everyone like the convenience of shopping from home.  We would add the link to Facebook so viewers could get to the site straight from Facebook.  We will also post poll for viewers to vote on products. We will update our page every day for viewers also posting daily promotions and sales, Also putting out a weekly newsletter for customers to keep up on new products.  I think with keeping up with daily posts and updates we can boost sales and reach people all around the world.




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