Here’s your Week #2 Social Media Class

13 Sep

I am a first year student in the Business Administration & Human Resources at Loyalist College in Belleville; I am also a mature student that has return to school after 15 year. The beginning of this year I invested my money into Septic Company in beautiful Prince Edward County, and now I have the opportunity to go back to school to better my education and to build a little company into a great company. I am starting off with one truck and hope to build too many more trucks.
I am looking forward to this class; Social Media is a BIG part of our world today, and without it, we could not connect with people around the world, or if you just want to know about something or someone. The answer would be” GOOGLE IT” and it goes so much further than that now. Businesses connect around the world, via email, video calling, and sharing documents. Free word of speak anyone can have a blog, as you can see, even me! I think I know pretty much what is social media, but I would really like to learn the tools that can help me connect with costumers and other business owners,  and to build my future.


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